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Jaime Andres Collazos Gonzalez
Joining diffraction filter and residual diffraction moveout to construct a velocity model (depth / time domain): Viking Graben data set application .
Seismic diffracted waves are generated unsmooth structures in the subsurface with the size of the order of the seismic wavelength. Since the incident wavefield can be meaningfully affected by these discontinuities, many important properties of these events can be used to improve the imaging practice. In this thesis we are propose a practical approach to construct velocity models in the time and depth domain using diffractions. This methodology consist in applying Plane Wave Destruction (PWD) filter jointly with the Residual Diffraction Moveout (RDM) method in order to construct velocity models in the time and depth domain. Our method does not depend on any requirements apart from identifiable diffractions filtered from reflection events and an arbitrary initial velocity model as input. The post-stack migrated images (in time and depth domain) are compared with migrated images derived from conventional seismic processing steps. In both we used the pre-stack and pos-stack Kirchhoff Migration. Apart from the need to identify and pick the diffraction events in the post-stack migrated in depth domain, the method has a very low computational cost, and the time processing compared to conventional processing to reach an acceptable velocity model was 75 % less. The feasibility of our methodology is verified using the real seismic Viking Graben dataset. Mais...
Data/Horário: 14/08/2014. as 9:00
Local: Auditório do CPGf/ UFPa - Campus do Guamá

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Local: Auditório do CPGF
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Apresentado por Mauricio D. Sacchi - University of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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